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Recommendation #1

Championing and Advancing
Private and Public Projects

The Central Florida Transportation Task Force recommends to the Board of Directors of the Orlando Economic Partnership the creation of an Alliance for Regional Transportation (ART); serving and supporting the needs of the 7 counties and 86 cities of the Central Florida Region; with its purpose being to champion and advance an improved multi-modal regional transportation system; supporting private and public projects that will help to build more vibrant and sustainable communities—adding to our global competitiveness—helping to create high wage jobs—creating a greater level of prosperity for all families living, working and learning in Central Florida.

Knowing the Central Florida Region is entering an environment of unprecedented business growth, with new levels of job creation and with increased levels of investment; resulting in the need for a renewed emphasis on strategy, sustainable funding and a commitment to communicate the values and measures of regional connectivity and access; it is hoped that ART will serve as a place to convene business and civic leaders around ways to focus their support for projects critical to advancing prosperity and our quality of life.

In addition, it is also hoped the Alliance for Regional Transportation (ART) will also serve as a place to convene business and civic leaders around ways to improve Central Florida’s multi-modal regional transportation system; foster more effective engagement of business and civic leaders; and be a resource for business and civic champions to champion and advance the Regional Transportation Vision in partnership with entities that have implementing authority by employing strategies and recognizing the Central Florida Region is at a critical moment where alignment and accountability across jurisdictions, organizations and projects is essential to our shared success.

Recommendation #2

New Ways to Move Forward -
Addressing Current and Future Needs

When viewed as a single market; Brevard, Lake, Orange, Osceola, Polk, Seminole and Volusia Counties represent the 19th largest regional economy in the country—knowing Central Florida will soon be home to 6 million permanent residents—and will shortly welcome 75 million visitors a year—knowing this unprecedented growth will require our 86 cities and 7 counties to find new ways to fund existing and future transportation needs—while advancing our prosperity and our quality of life.

The Central Florida Transportation Task Force recommends to the Board of Directors of the Orlando Economic Partnership the creation of a “Committee for Change,” inviting representatives from businesses, chambers of commerce, economic development agencies, trade associations, business organizations and various civic groups to serve as members of the Committee, asking for the “Organizational Meeting” of the “Committee for Change” be held sometime in 2018; with the Final Report of the “Committee for Change” published by the end of 2019.

It is recommended for the “Committee for Change” to inventory and certify all revenue opportunities for cities and counties; verifying existing and anticipated yields from various tax streams for each governmental jurisdiction, e.g., Local Option Gas Tax, Infrastructure Sales Tax, Charter County and Regional Transportation System Surtax, School Infrastructure Tax, Dedicated Ad Valorem Tax (DAT), Tax Increment Property Tax (TIF), Local Option Sales Tax, Transaction Tax, Tourist Development Tax; especially as these and other taxes relate to funding existing and future infrastructure needs. In so doing, the “Committee for Change” will provide meaningful information to the authorizing environment—helping our government and civic leaders to chart a path forward when it comes to how we will finance the infrastructure necessary to advance our prosperity and our quality of life.

In addition, understanding the importance of communicating “new ways to move our communities forward,” the Central Florida Transportation Task Force recommends developing a strategy for showcasing and explaining current and future needs; properly aligning them with existing and innovative financing plans and investment strategies; using effective channels of communications, combined with proven techniques to mobilize support for change across the Central Florida Region.

Recommendation #3

Responding to Concerns -
Safety, Cybersecurity and Counterterrorism

Understanding the changes in today’s world, the members of the Central Florida Transportation Task Force recognize safety on our streets and in our neighborhoods must also include the development of cybersecurity and counter-terrorism protocols.

Toward this end, the Central Florida Transportation Task Force recommends the members of the Central Florida Council of “Great Transportation Thinkers” explore ways to enhance and better integrate their individual and collective efforts to protect our residents and visitors; knowing passenger and employee safety, cybersecurity and counter terrorism plans should be embedded into every project and instilled into all procedures; ensuring globally relevant measures and enduring community support; so as to distinguish Central Florida on the “global stage.”

In addition, the members of the Central Florida Transportation Task Force understand safe streets and safe neighborhoods are important to our “family of communities” and contribute to our quality of life and to our economic prosperity.

Toward this end, the Central Florida Transportation Task Force recommends the 7 counties and 86 cities of the Central Florida Region provide their full support for the passage and implementation of the policies advanced by “Complete Streets,” with a particular emphasis on pedestrian and bicycle safety, knowing this flexible and adaptive forthcoming change in public policy, being advanced by the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), is designed to “promote safety, quality of life, and economic development.”

And, too, the Central Florida Transportation Task Force commends the early work and special support by MetroPlan Orlando of “Complete Streets,” inviting the 7 counties and 86 cities of the Central Florida Region to also provide their special support of the Pedestrian Safety Action Plan and other outreach programs now being advanced by MetroPlan Orlando, e.g., Best Foot Forward, and the Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan.

In addition, the Central Florida Transportation Task Force encourages the work of Bike/Walk Central Florida; promoting walkable and bikeable communities through raising public awareness and advocating for safe, active transportation; understanding expanded public education programs will be necessary and must be combined with proper enforcement efforts to achieve safe streets and safe neighborhoods.

  • “The need for a regional transportation funding source is more important than ever to prepare our region for the future. This will require more than thinking like a region and planning like a region — it will call on us to act like a region.” Harold W. Barley - Executive Director | MetroPlan Orlando
  • "Transportation planners now view and plan road projects through the lens of all possible users; with the ultimate goal of benefitting people, neighborhoods, businesses and communities.” Steven W. Martin, P.E. - District Five Secretary
 | Florida Department of Transportation
  • “Transportation projects are much more expensive, complex and take much longer to build. And in today’s world, the stakes are much higher – our prosperity and quality of life depend on the success of these projects.“ Tracey Stockwell - Chair
 | Central Florida Transportation Task Force
  • “We’re very proud of our partnership with
the Florida Polytechnic University, working together to construct a new, state-of-the-art transportation technology testing facility, SunTrax.” Diane Gutierrez-Scaccetti - Executive Director and CEO | Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise
  • “Our focus is to enhance the Orlando Experience for our more than 43 million annual passengers; so we can continue to be a world-class airport, positively representing Orlando and all of Central Florida.” Phillip N. Brown - Executive Director | Greater Orlando Aviation Authority
  • “SunRail commuting has become a community for many people who ride the same trains every day; along these lines, I’m very proud of our team and I’m very proud of our customers.” Nicola Liquori - Executive Director | SunRail
  • "A high-quality transportation network is vital to a top performing economy like Central Florida; resulting in direct and indirect benefits that ripple throughout our local economy.” Laura L. Kelley - Executive Director
 | Central Florida Expressway Authority
  • “Looking to the future, we will need to successfully update and advance our long range strategic planning process, designed to identify how public transportation will develop for the next 20 years.” Edward Johnson - Chief Executive Officer | LYNX
  • “Thanks to our strategic location, Port Canaveral is accessible to both cruise passengers and cargo products via the convenient road networks and air service that connect Central Florida to the world.” Capt. John W. Murray - Chief Executive Officer | Canaveral Port Authority
  • “What really drives us, what inspires us, is a powerful dream of what the Cape Canaveral Spaceport can and should be in 2025, 2050 or 100 years from now—serving our region, our state and our country.” Frank DiBello - President and CEO | Space Florida


The Orlando Economic Partnership (the Partnership) works to provide the Orlando region with quality jobs, economic growth, broad-based prosperity and a sustainable quality of life. It is a not-for-profit, public/private partnership representing Central Florida's seven counties – Brevard, Lake, Orange, Osceola, Polk, Seminole and Volusia – as well as the City of Orlando. The Partnership was formed from the merger of the Central Florida Partnership and the Orlando Economic Development Commission.